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Adlib Young Performers is the name of the Drama School component of Adlib Entertainment.

Comprised of many different classes and hundreds of students, the school is aimed at youth from primary levels of schooling, right through to Second and now Third year tertiary students.

There are a number of classes to suit all types of creative minds, from junior, intermediate and senior drama classes, ensemble classes, major senior production classes, a vocal performance troupe aptly named 'Crescendo', and even a Tv & Film unit.

Most of our students eventually graduate to major stage productions, and have even gone to work in film and television series. They are also encouraged to participate in many of the 'in-house' productions that Adlib Entertainment offers, including mid-year and end of year productions, school holiday pantomimes and more.

Our students have even been recognized at our annual awards night, the 'Libbies', receiving awards for excellence, and achievements in performance.