This production was performed as the third and final season for our Production Class in 2010. A William Shakespeare classic, the play tells the story of fated lovers, a bunch of absurd wannabe actors, mischievous fairies and a love potion gone awry!

The production involved a class of 21 students, the biggest on record since the Production Class has been offered. Not only that, but it was the first major production across all of Adlib Young Performers to utilize prosthetic makeup effects for it's cast. The application of horns to the 'Satyr' characters like Oberon and Puck, and the addition of pointed, upturned ears for all of the fairy characters was a challenge that was a first for the Production Class, but one that added a new level of style and a professional look to the show.

Midsummer Flyer

The Poster for the publicity campaign.

Costume Designers Leanne Inwood and Donna Beech produced over 27 costumes for the characters in the story, as well as a false donkey head for the character of Nick Bottom (played by Josh Harkness) and a false Lion's Mantle for the actors to use in their production-within-a-production of Pyramus & Thisby (itself a satirical take on Shakespeare's own Romeo & Juliet). The fairy costumes were not just dress outfits for the cast to wear, as each individual fairy had custom made 'Wings' in the style of the character that they were portraying.

The show was scheduled to run for only two performances, as it was already running over budget, but better than anticipated ticket sales prompted an additional performance, which sold half of it's house in just one week.

At this stage, A Midsummer Night's Dream remains the most successful and remembered show that the Production Class has ever produced.


  • Hermia - Jessica Gadsden
  • Helena - Rebecca Spilsbury
  • Lysander - Scott Jeffrey
  • Demetrius - Kayne Hughes
  • Duke Theseus - Roxy Tamlin
  • Hipolyta - Chelsea Edwards
  • Egeus - Sarah Walker
  • Peter Quince - Monica Butler
  • Nick Bottom - Josh Harkness
  • Francis Flute - Jason English
  • Starvelling - Victoria Ward
  • Snout - Bridgit Shea
  • Snug - Mia Sabec
  • Titania - Jessica McInherney
  • Oberon - Josh Inwood
  • Puck - Rebecca Dissegna
  • Peaseblossom - Tara Coulson
  • Moth - Emi Van der Velden
  • Mustardseed - Emma Reale
  • Honeydew - Dana Valic
  • Cobweb - Chloe Valic

Directed by Matt Hillman. Photography supplied by Donna Gillham.